Every day, CityPets dogs adventure through bush, beach, forestry and farmland, exercising and learning valuable social skills while having fun with their pack-mates


Whenever possible, CityPets dogs are invited to swim, splash or dabble their toes at the water's edge; we let them decide how much they want to get wet and let their confidence dictate their engagement. After all, what's not to love about the sea, a stream or a river!


Tuckered out pooches are dropped home, ready to snooze the evening away,  dreaming of adventures and running with their pack. Don't be surprised if your dog greets you with no more than a brief wag of their tail before returning to their bed to continue snoozing


So you can see your dogs adventures, photos and videos are uploaded daily to Facebook, an excellent way of seeing where your dog went and who they played with while you were working. 


"Give dogs the gift of running with a pack and being true to their canine selves, then sit back watch how happy they become."

- F.H