CityPets Handlers

CityPets Handlers hale from a variety of backgrounds, including farming, hunting, horse riding, conservation, and other outdoor and animal-related pursuits. They are practical, internally motivated, emotionally intelligent, no. 8 wire type people, with integrity and, of course, a passion for animals.

CityPets handlers have received clearance through NZ Police background checks. 


flash - founder - director

Flash is the Founding Director of CityPets, whose vision grew CityPets from a local dog-walking business to New Zealand's number one Adventure Dog Walking Company.


Flash grew up horse riding, tramping, swimming, and learning bushcraft, always with a large group of dogs by her side.

She has spent her lifetime adopting, training, and socialising unwanted and abandoned dogs and finding them forever homes.



Taylor realised early on in life that her life's passion was working with dogs. By the time she became part of the CityPets team, she could already boast extensive experience working in doggy daycares and kennels. 

Taylor's love of the outdoors, coupled with her passion for seeing dogs run their hearts out in the wilderness, makes her a perfect fit with the CityPets ethos of allowing dogs to be true to their canine natures. 

Not only is she an accomplished handler, but she also runs the administration team with the same amount of diligence and perfectionism as she brings to the dogs. 



Maddie is an avid horsewoman, having spent her youth riding for St Heliers Pony Club.

When she wasn't riding, you could find her fostering SPCA kittens, and training the neighbourhood dogs, so it is no surprise to the people in her life, she has found her happy place, working for CityPets where she can live, breathe, and talk about dogs, her every waking hour. 

When not with dogs, horses or cats you can find her out on the wild west coast surfing waves or mountain biking the local trails in Auckland.



John grew up working in his family boarding kennels, giving him a first-hand insight into dog handling before he could even walk!


 John trained as a  thespian both at home and in London, and as he travelled throughout the UK, he kept his canine addiction in check by pet-sitting, using his experience working in his family's kennels to land him the choicest homes all over the country.

Back in NZ, John is known to rehearse his lines to his pack of attentive hounds when he thinks no one is listening







Zara came to Auckland from sunny Nelson to pursue her lifelong passion for dogs and photography.


She began her canine adventure volunteering for the SPCA, exercising and socialising dogs on weekends while studying photography during the week.

Zara has a bubbly personality which her dogs adore, and can't wait to join her on her fun and light-hearted.  Adventures!



Sophia was born and raised on a Waikato farm in a family passionate about horseback riding and breeding Blue Heelers. As a result, Sophia has an inherent instinct for canine behaviour, as well as lashings of farmer-like pragmatism, making her an excellent fit with the CityPets working-dog packs.


Sophia is in her third year of Paramedicine. 




Like so many CityPets handlers, Liam grew up on a dairy farm, where he learned animal husbandry and an inherent instinct for animal welfare at his parent's side. 

Seven years ago, Liam moved to Auckland to pursue his passion for music and performance at the New Zealand School of Music, followed by touring New Zealand as a  dub/reggae trombonist. 


It's no surprise that Liam's packs return relaxed and happy. He sings to them all adventure long!  



Sha's love of animals and the environment explains his double major in Zoology and Marine Ecology.


Before becoming a handler, Sha had worked for Animates, and while he loved the animals, his passion for the great outdoors never left him. CityPets merged his greatest loves, dogs, and the great outdoors!

Sha brings deep love and respect to his dogs. Quiet, calm, and self-assured, Sha's forte creates a calm and structured space, particularly beneficial to anxious dogs. 




Like so many CityPets handlers, De grew up in a home with a steady stream of dogs passing through. Each animal was fed and cared for until they were ready to find their fur-ever homes.


De's love of sport, notably Waka Ama, along with her love of dogs and the great outdoors, motivated her to study physiotherapy; since handling for CityPets, she began considering using her degree towards the health and wellbeing of dogs.  



Josh - handler

Josh brings energy and enthusiasm in spades to his high-energy packs. He traverses mountains in the rain and shine and always runs the additional mile to ensure happy smiling dogs at the end of every Adventure. 

Currently, in his third year in paramedicine, Josh is also a professional lifesaver and avid surfer, which explains why he has first dibs on CityPets' Swimming Adventure and mountain hikes.