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dogs at beach


Flash Hayter's vision of providing Auckland dogs with an opportunity to get out of the city to socialise and exercise in a way true to their canine nature's began when she was a teenager, and is what grew CityPets from a local dog walking business to New Zealand's number one Adventure Dog Walking Company.


Flash grew up horse riding through West Auckland's forestries and beaches, always with a large group of adopted dogs by her side. Trekking long distances with large packs of dogs was the start of the CityPets Canine Adventures of today. It was from horseback she learned the importance of keeping a pack moving forward over long distances, and watched the magic a healthy pack could work on stressed and unsocialised dogs. This is when she  found her passion for helping dogs to become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.


Years later, with the same passion still burning, she saw that many Auckland dogs rarely got an opportunity to run long distances and be part of well managed packs. Flash began taking Auckland dogs on what is now known as CityPets Canine Adventures and the results were phenomenal. Difficult dogs quickly settled down becoming responsive and well mannered. The results spoke for themselves and the reccomendations began pouring in.



To this day CityPets continues to honour the dog by allowing them to run, socialise, sniff, swim and behave exactly as they are hard wired to, as dogs.  After all,  why change perfection!

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