In 2017 Chorus approached CityPets looking for an innovative NZ company to be part of their online advertising campaign. They needed a solid, down to earth kiwi business with a strong social media presence and reliance on a solid internet connection to run their business. CityPets ticked all the boxes and thanks to photogenic dogs and stunning New Zealand scenery they produced this lovely piece. Since it’s release this video has been viewed almost 500,000 times.

We wanted to make a video describing the power and beauty of a CityPets day so we harnessed our handler Abigail’s drone expertise, hooked up some GoPros and headed to the beach with a mega pack of hounds and handlers.

The outcome is this high energy video which we used at the 2016 Pet Expo to describe how a CityPets adventure truly sounds, looks and feels from the inside. .  

In 2016 Seven Sharp approached CityPets about running a story on our innovative approach to dog walking and the impact it was having on Auckland dogs. Keen to spend time with the pooches, Michael Holland joined the pack as we hit the beach and took to the forestry. 

Once a year CityPets hold an in house video competition, the prize being a bottle of red and far more importantly, bragging rights over the other handlers.  Abigail won the last competition with this entertaining clip. Watch with volume and enjoy!